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Encostic Wax and Found Materials

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art21 Website

This was suggested by my Art 151 teacher...very cool artwork...this guys name is Mark Bradford...he does awesome mixed media and collage that I have fallen in love with. I LOVE IT.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This piece is the one for the gold leaf project, however I chose to use a silver leaf paper and also encorporate the usual encaustic and tracing paper. This piece was also a risk because I painted the flower from still life observation and had never done this before. I like the way it turned out, especially the bright colors of yellow/orange and deep blue.


This is a piece to commenmorate Bob Marley, and definitely not his actions and choice of lifestyle..but maybe his outlook on life and his creative solutions to solving the worlds problems...I like the piece because of the Black and White focal point of him singing, and because I depicted my favorite quote of his in my favorite song of his, with my favorite style of typography I personally have. The piece is only 4x4 however I think the texture is very creative and nice. :D

Even More Concentration

And these are EVEN MORE of the rest of my concentration with the encaustic, string, and shapes...however with an even DIFFERENT color scheme! I like it very much. But never as much as the orange/brown ones.

More Concentration

These little Jewels represent the next series to my concentration in AP art and are also a new color scheme with the blue and metallic colors. I like these, not as much as the brown/orange concentration series, but still a great deal. I love doing the encaustic, string, tracing paper and geometric/organic shapes. Fun Fun Fun.


This piece was done a few weeks back and is called "Happiness". It's actually a citrasolv image transfer of Beyonce Knowles. However after I completed the image transfer, I used watercolor to add some depth to the piece and make it seem more real. I like the rough feel of it, the visible texture. And I also like my letters/typography and found materials: string. Overall however the appearance isnt too crafty it looks like poor craftmanship.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I've done some more work to ready this drawing piece for portfolio submission. I think it looks much better since Ive increased the contrast some. :)